​Thermalogic is an industry leading thermal imaging and preventative maintenance company providing services to the commercial, industrial and residential sectors Australia wide.  All our thermographers are qualified electricians and certified thermographers. 

Ensuring your thermographer has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the equipment they are testing is essential.  Only qualified electricians can provide this.

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging is where the photographs are made up of heat signatures rather than light. This allows us to see things that would otherwise be hidden and invisible.​  Thermalogic uses the latest FLIR infrared thermal imaging cameras to reveal any anomalies within electrical installations.  This allows you to identify and repair potentially dangerous and costly hazards before they occur. 
Benefits of Thermal Imaging

Thermography or infrared thermal imaging is the most cost effective method in determining faults in all electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment for industrial, commercial and domestic businesses.

  • Identify potential equipment/component failure
  • Identify irregularities in loading between phases
  • Prevent fire in switchboards
  • Prevent downtime of plant and equipment
  • Decrease in insurance premiums
  • ​Reduction in annual maintenance costs